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Pendant Alarm

Pendant alarm

Are you living with a disability, medical condition or live alone? Perhaps you are nervous when bathing or prone to falls? Then our Lifeline Pendant Alarm is the help you need, when you need it the most! This pendent will help reduce your anxiety and stress levels and enable you to live in your own home independently for longer.

Our Lifeline Pendant Alarm include:

  • Monitoring service 24/7 or family and friend monitoring
  • Fully mobile with GPS tracking and works anywhere within the UK
  • Automatic fall detection sensor
  • Built in speaker & microphone which works independently
  • One touch SOS button
  • No landline needed or installation
  • IPX5 Waterproof

Which pendant alarm monitoring package is most suitable?

The personal pendant alarm can either be connected to 24/7 Monitoring Centre or friends and family monitoring. There is a slight difference in the price which you will be able to view here.

24/7 monitoring

This is where the Lifeline Pendant Alarm links the wearer to a trained Monitoring Centre manned 24/7. This small investment can safe a life! Our full monitored GPS tracker options means that no one goes unanswered no matter the time of day or night. With the SOS button you will be able to talk to the response centre with just a touch of a button. The trained agent has immediate access to your medical conditions, medications, allergies, key safe code & location, dedicated emergency contacts and your currant GPS location. All of the above information ensures you have a fast response, providing the help you need in an emergency.

Friends and Family monitoring

Our friends and family monitoring option means you can call up to 3 chosen people when you need help. These emergency contacts will be pre-programmed into your device at set up. How it works is when the SOS button is pressed, all 3 will be sent an SMS text message alerting them to your need of assistance. Emergency contact 1 will receive a telephone call from your Lifeline Personal Alarm allowing you to speak through the device directly with them. If they are unable to pick up then the call will automatically go to emergency contact 2 and so on.

Don’t take our word for it, why not check out what our customers are saying about our pendant alarm.

Simple, Affordable, Safe…

Feel more confident, safe and secure in your own home. The Lifeline Alarm can provide peace of mind for you and your family.
Family and Friends Monitoring


Per week

  • Fully Mobile ‘Anywhere’ Alarm
  • Fall Detection Included
  • Talk Through The Pendant
  • Friends & Family Monitored
  • Shower Proof IPX5
24/7 Monitoring Service


Per week

  • Fully Mobile ‘Anywhere’ Alarm
  • Fall Detection Included
  • Talk Through The Pendant
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Shower Proof IPX5
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Lifeline Personal Alarm Includes:

“It is better to have a Lifeline Personal Alarm and not need it than need one and not have it”

24/7 or friends & family monitoring

Depending on which plan you opt for you can either have 24/7 monitoring manned by a trained Monitoring Centre or friends/family.

Automatic Fall Detection Sensor

The Lifeline Personal Alarm detects a fall and automatically calls for help without needing to press the SOS button.

14 day free trial with our monitoring centre

Not sure whether to opt for the 24/7 monitoring? Then why not try out out 14 day free trial and test before you buy!

Fully Mobile

Fully Mobile with GPS tracking

With GPS built into the Lifeline Personal Alarm you can feel secure knowing your location can be found instantly and help will arrive quickly.

Waterproof with a level IPX5 rating

The Lifeline Personal Alarm can be worn in the shower or rain, suitable for use in high-risk areas such as the bathroom.

One touch S0S Button

With a touch of a button you will have access to either a trained monitoring centre 24-hours a day or friends and family.

Easy to set up and ready to use straight out of the box.

Your GPS Smart Tracker SOS Pendant has been pre-programmed to the 24-hour Monitoring Centre, enabling you to use the service immediately after charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite sure if this is the product for you? Full of questions? Perhaps, we can put your mind at rest with our answers below.

FAQ's Lifeline Personal Alarm
What do I receive when I order a Lifeline Personal Alarm?
Lifeline Personal Alarm
  • GPS Smart Tracker SOS Personal Alarm
  • Lanyard 
  • Wrist Strap
  • Charging station
  • USB cable
  • Three pin plug
  • Instruction manual
How big is the Lifeline Personal Alarm?
Lifeline Alarm Dimensions

The SOS Personal is discreet and lightweight – weight 35 grams. It can be worn as a pendant or with a wrist strap.

Is the Lifeline Personal Alarm waterproof?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm waterproof level is IPX5. It can be worn in the shower or the rain, suitable for use in high-risk areas such as the bathroom. It is not to be submerged directly into water by either taking a bath or swimming.

How to install the Lifeline Personal Alarm?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm uses mobile phone networks to ensure your always connected. The device is ready to use straight from the box. A landline or internet connection is not required.

How long does the Lifeline Personal Alarm battery last?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm has a lithium battery which is rechargeable and cannot be overcharged. A full battery will operate up to 48-72 hours (2-3 days) depending on usage. Our recommendation is to charge the Lifeline Personal Alarm as part of your daily routine, eliminating the risk of the battery becoming flat.

Where and how does my Lifeline Personal Alarm work?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm has a multi-network SIM card which attaches to the strongest available network, unlike a mobile phone that only operates off a single network provider. With the multi-network SIM, you have the added security knowing that if one network is down or an outage occurs, the multi-network SIM automatically connects to the next available network. The Lifeline Personal Alarm also features a microphone and speaker, enabling you to always speak and listen directly through the device, whilst at home, in the garden or when “out and about”.

24-hour Monitoring Service

24-hour Monitoring Service enables the Lifeline Personal Alarm to be used anywhere in the UK and EU countries, always providing you with reassurance when travelling or on holiday.

Family and Friends Monitoring

Family and Friends Monitoring provides cover anywhere in the UK (EU countries not included).

How do I charge the Lifeline Personal Alarm?
  1. Ensure the charging station is plugged into the mains electric.
  2. Insert the Lifeline Personal Alarm into the charging station, ensuring you hear it CLICK into place, vibrate and a red LED light appears on the front of the charging station.
  3. Charge the Lifeline Personal Alarm daily.

From a flat battery the charging time is approximately 4 to 5 hours. It’s recommended that charging is carried out overnight by your bedside, kept within easy reach should an emergency arise.

If the Lifeline Personal Alarm has not been worn daily and has remained in the charging station for 24 hours or more, it MUST be removed from the charging station and re-inserted ensuring you hear it CLICK, vibrate and the red LED light appears on the charging station, for the device to regain a full battery.

NB, when the Lifeline Personal Alarm is fully charged, the red LED light will disappear on the charging station and charging ceases. The SOS Pendant Alarm will now use the charge held in the device and the battery will slowly drain over time, even whilst sat in the charging station. The Lifeline Personal Alarm is unable to automatically re-start the process of charging when the battery is low or empty, when sat in the charging station. It requires the user to remove the device from the charging station and re-insert to start the charging process to obtain a full battery.

What are the blue and green lights flashing on my Lifeline Personal Alarm?

The blue and green lights will flash intermittently indicating the Lifeline Personal Alarm is connected to the mobile network and has battery life.

The blue light flashing every second indicates the battery is below 20% and needs charging by inserting into the charging station. While the device is charging, the blue light will remain solid (not flashing).

Can I wear the SOS Personal if I have a pacemaker?

Yes, the Lifeline Personal Alarm meets the European standards and will not affect your pacemaker working.

When and where should I wear my Lifeline Personal Alarm?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm is designed to wear around the neck with the lanyard cord or by inserting into the wrist strap, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

To ensure your safety and security at all times, it’s recommended you wear the Lifeline Personal Alarm throughout the day. This protects you at home, when showering or “out and about”.

Wear the Personal Alarm from the moment you wake up until the time you retire to bed. By charging the Lifeline Personal Alarm next to your bedside, keeps it within easy reach should you need assistance during the night.

What if I press the Lifeline Personal Alarm by accident?

If you accidently trigger a false alert on your Lifeline Personal Alarm, a notification is automatically sent to either of the below services.

24-hour Monitoring Service

The 24-hour Monitoring Centre will contact you via the Lifeline Personal Alarm to check your wellbeing and requirement for assistance. Advise them it was a false alarm and continue to wear your Lifeline Personal Alarm. 

Family and Friends Monitoring

All 3 chosen Emergency Contacts will receive an SMS text message alerting them to your need of assistance with a link of your current GPS location. Emergency Contact 1 will receive a telephone call from your SOS Pendant Alarm, allowing you to speak through the device directly with them. Should Emergency Contact 1 not answer it will automatically call Emergency Contact 2 and repeat to Emergency Contact 3.

Advise them it was a false alarm.

Safest SOS procedures
the industry

As one of the leading solutions to professional Tele-Care, we specialise in helping to give you and your loved ones’ peace of mind. When you join Lifeline365 you will have access to our UK TSA Monitoring Centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Service

Customer feedback is very important to us! Check out our independently verified reviews below.

Customer Testimonial Icon

“I feel more secure in my house because I have a lot of steps, and there’s always the chance of a fall.

The alarm is straightforward to charge. When testing, it zips straight through to the emergency centre.”

Ms Howard – Glossop – Derbyshire
Customer Testimonial Icon

“Since having the Pendant Alert for the past five weeks, I have not had to use its emergency features. Still, it has provided both my family and me with reassurance anticipating its alert response to cope with any emergency or fall that may happen in the future.”

Mr Adrian Arnold – Charlton Adam – Somerset
Customer Testimonial Icon

“It goes with me wherever I go, it’s nice to know I could get help should I need it as I have no living relatives. I worry about falling and being able to get up especially when in the shower. I do find the strap a bit too long and have set the alarm off accidentally by knocking it. It’s easy to use and I put it on charge every evening.”

Mr John Marshall – Hackney and Newham – London
Customer Testimonial Icon
“I feel more secure, and it’s reassuring to have it with me at all times. I was unclear about the charging instructions. However, after speaking with the Customer Service Team at Pendant Alert Systems Ltd, they explained it to me clearly and put my mind at rest. I would recommend it. “
Miss J Kirkham – Redcar – North Yorkshire

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