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The pendant was easy to set up and can be worn around the neck, used on the wrist or worn on a belt. It was easy to activate and was tested by the monitoring service within a couple of days. The knowledge that one has contact with friendly, helpful people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is very reassuring, as I have lonely periods most days due to my lack of mobility.

Whether or not I need to use the alarm, it gives me confidence and peace of mind that there is someone anywhere in the country at the end of a line. I would recommend the pendant alert to anybody and thank Lifeline365 for their attention to detail.

Mr Tim Burner – Leyburn -North Yorkshire
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“I haven’t used it yet, but I set a few false alarms. I tend not to wear it around the house but do wear it when I go outside or leave the house. It’s nice to know that help is to hand if needed. 

I have had previous falls in the street and was lucky that others were around to help me. Having the pendant with me now, when I’m out and about, gives me security should I have future falls with no one around to assist me in getting back up.

I find the pendant no bother and highly recommend it to others. I got mine off a recommendation from a neighbour who also has one.”

Mr Donald Anderson – East Molesey – Surrey
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“Having the pendant is a huge help to me at the age of 91. My relatives live hundreds of miles away, so it’s good to know I can call for help. It’s a blessing. 

I wear it every day. The first thing I do when I wake up is put it on in case of a fall, leaving me unable to get up. I accidentally set it off and was so impressed to hear a lady’s voice through my pendant asking me if I was ok. I feel secure now.”

Mrs Bell – Wilmslow – Cheshire
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“My husband has Parkinsons’, memory problems and deaf

The alarm has been of use a couple of times, he’s had a couple of nasty falls outside and it has been of use. He manages to charge it himself, it took him a while to realise it needs to go in a certain way,

As part of the morning routine, I get the carers to put it on him. He wears it down the bottom of the garden, it’s great because he can wear it anywhere.”

Mrs Cook – Seaford – Brighton
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“On occasions when I have knocked the SOS button accidentally, it’s been very reassuring that someone from the monitoring centre answered straight away. This gives me confidence when I’m out walking away from home, knowing that I can get help if needed.

The pendant is attached to my clothing so it’s not dangling from the Lanyard strap, making it easy for me to reach. I’m so pleased that I now have the SOS Pendant, having had several falls in the past and could not call for help. I highly recommend this product.”

Jenny – Harlow – Essex
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“I have had my Personal alarm for eight weeks, fortunately I have not had to need it yet. I have, however, accidentally knocked the alarm twice and been impressed at the speed and care of the response. 

This gives me the confidence that should I need the service at any time, it will be there for me! It gives one and the family peace of mind especially if one lives on one’s own. 

I would certainly recommend the Personal Alarm – It’s a great invention!”

Anonymous Customer – Clitheroe – Lancashire
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“I feel more secure, and it’s reassuring to have with me at all times. I was unclear about the charging instructions. However, after speaking with the customer service team, they explained it to me clearly and put my mind at rest. I would recommend it!

Miss J Kirkham – Redcar – North Yorkshire
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It gives me confidence while in and out of the home, especially when out doing my shopping. I wear the pendant daily, it’s very easy to wear and lightweight. I found the initial setup with the office straightforward. I recommend the pendant to others, especially those who live alone.

Mr J.W – Redhill – Surrey
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“The response was instant when I accidentally knocked it. I was very impressed and it gave me insight into what to expect in an emergency should I need help or assistance in the future. I keep it with me at all times. 

My daughter feels more comfortable with me having the pendant as she is not always available should I need help. I am happy with the service and support I received after the pendant was delivered. All was explained clearly, making it easy for me to understand and use.”

Mrs Patricia Hamilton – Worcester – Worcestershire
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“My medical health was the reason for me having a pendant. I feel safer and more secure as I live on my own. My son said it’s the best thing to do and makes him feel better too. 

I haven’t needed to use it yet in an emergency but I take it with me wherever I go. I wear it on my wrist, which is comfortable. It’s easy to use and easy to charge by my bedside every night. The company was efficient in dealing with a replacement pendant for me after the initial one had an issue.”

Ms Regina Reader – Selby – North Yorkshire
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“My husband got it, as he wasn’t very well, it was brilliant, very easy to use. I felt safer knowing he had the pendant. His final emergency call was to call the ambulance before he passed. I would recommend this alarm to anyone.”

Mrs Turnell – Fairfield – Lincolnshire
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“I wear it daily, charge it up every night, and I find it very handy. I feel safer, especially when I go out on my own, as I have arthritis in my knee. I have more peace of mind that there’s someone always at the other end – when your own, you think of these things.

Anonymous – Redruth – Cornwall
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“Fortunately, I haven’t had to use it in an emergency, but once I did press it by accident, they were brilliant and came through quickly,

My granddaughter’s always making sure I have it with me. I keep it on my trolley by my side, and if I go out into the kitchen, I wear it around my neck. 

You just press the button, and someone on your end answers right away. So I’m fully satisfied, it’s no difficulty charging it, at the moment, I have carers coming in, and they put it on charge when they get me ready for bed.”

Mrs Hawkins – Ottery St Mary – Devon
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“I’m quite pleased with mine, it gives me added protection. People do fall and the main problem is that if I fell, I wouldn’t be able to get back up again. I’ve known people to fall in the garden and lay there all night, so having the Pendant is a help and a safeguard. It works everywhere outside.

Once you get used to it, you check the red light comes on when you charge it, there’s nothing much to it. 

Every time I accidentally triggered the alarm, people answered straight away. It’s a very good thing to have.”

Mrs Matson – Faringdon- Oxfordshire
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I care for my wife and son, so they wouldn’t be able to help if I fell. There are no problems charging the pendant, and I feel safer knowing I will get through to someone straight away.”

Mr Mitchell – South Sheilds – Tynne and Wear
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“When it’s round the neck, you don’t know it’s there, chargings simple. It helps me because I feel more secure when wearing it when I’m out and about. I know if I fall, help is at hand.”

Mr Smethills – Blackpool – Lancashire
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“I’m quite pleased with it, I was without one for a long time, I went ahead with this one, and I wouldn’t be without it, it’s marvelous.”

Mrs Nicklen – Ringwood – Hampshire
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“It’s perfectly easy to use. Unfortunately, I do quite a bit of falling. When I asked for help, they came out quickly and dealt with the problem with no trouble at all.”

Mrs Cynthia Knight – Bishop Auckland – County Durham
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“My daughter organised it for me. It’s simple and easy to use, if I’m on my own in the house, which I am more often than not, I try to keep it on all the time.

Mr James – Cheltenham – Gloucestershire
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“I wobble, I’ve done for quite some years now. I fell down and hurt my leg, and it’s been trouble ever since. I wear the alarm round my neck, it doesn’t worry me, you just have to press it.

Mrs Thersea Chambers – Hove – East Sussex
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“We are very pleased with the alarm,  a couple of times we’ve dropped it, it’s detected a fall and we’ve been contacted straightaway, I’m very impressed. 

My Wife goes out for walks on her own two to three times every day – She always takes her Pendant with her. It makes me feel safer knowing she has it.”

Mr Maynard – Wimborne – Dorset
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“I used it in an emergency – they came through quick enough, called the emergency services and we chatted while waiting for the ambulance. 

I’ve normally got it in my pocket and take it with me when I go out. My sister, she panics and is happy I have it. It’s easy, simple to charge, not a problem at all.”

anonymous – Walsall – South – staffordshire
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“It’s given me reassurance. I wear it round my neck and tuck it into my shirt pocket. I’ve set it off accidentally and someone started talking to me through the alarm, asking if I was okay. It’s great.”

Mr Brian Finch – Plymouth – Devon
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“I get on very well with it, I’m not going far, I’m home most of the time. It’s been very good. I always take my walking stick and Pendant when I go out. I’m taking all precautions.”

Mr Roger Wall – Dartmouth – Devon
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“Very good idea if anything happens: slip or fall on our own. Nice to have the button to push for help to come. 

Service is good, I pressed it accidentally and was asked if everything was okay.”

Mr Bodington – Gravesend – Kent
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“It’s accurate cause I dropped it once, and I got a call straight away – it works very well, the fall sensor went off, and I got someone asking if I was okay in moments, which was excellent. No problems charging it, I have had several falls. Once I’m down I can’t get up.”

Mrs Edmonds – Wishbech – Cambridgeshire
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“Since having the Pendant Alert for the past five weeks, I have not had to use its emergency features. Still, it has provided both my family and me with reassurance anticipating its alert response to cope with any emergency or fall that may happen in the future.”

Mr Adrian Arnold – Charlton Adam – Somerset
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“I’m pleased to say that I haven’t yet needed to use the pendant. However, it’s a comfort to know it’s there should I need to. I wear it every day, first thing each morning, I put it over my head and wear it on the Lanyard strap it came with. I speak with the monitoring centre on my monthly test calls, whom I find friendly & helpful in their reply.”

Mrs I Kurer – Borehamwood – London
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“My daughter organised it for me. It’s simple and easy to use, if I’m on my own in the house, which I am more often than not, I try to keep it on all the time.

​​Ms howard – Glossop – Derbyshire
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“I feel more secure in my house because I have a lot of steps, and there’s always the chance of a fall. The alarm is straightforward to charge. When testing, it zips straight through to the emergency centre.

Mr Webb – Okehampton – Devon
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“It was my family’s idea for me to have a pendant alarm. They felt it would benefit them and me, offering us all more confidence should I need assistance.

I accidentally set the alarm off on one occasion and was very impressed by the immediate response received from the monitoring centre. They contacted my family when they couldn’t reach me, notifying them my alarm had been activated. Very efficient service.”

Mr J Williamson – Ryton – Tyne and Wear
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“I put it on every morning, and I take it off every night, I don’t know it’s there. I pressed the button by mistake, it was excellent they came through in seconds. 

I have a dog, I take her out twice a day, where I’m down the beach on my own, and sometimes there’s no one around. So it’s comforting for the whole family. They work during the day and they know I’m covered for help because of my alarm. So it’s a load off their mind and gives them and me peace of mind.”

Mrs Rivas – Whitley Bay – Tyne and Wear
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My personal alarm Provides me with an incentive to care for myself more whilst looking after the pendant! Comfortable to wear and easy to use, I charge it every evening to ensure the battery is always full. 

My family has peace of mind knowing that should I need assistance quickly, it’s available 24/7 as they do not live close by. The company/staff are very helpful, explaining how to use the pendant and all its features.”

Margaret Bowen – Kenilworth – Warwickshire
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I accidentally set the alarm off on my pendant on a few occasions. The staff at the monitoring centre are always polite, caring, having my best interest at heart, not once have I felt a nuisance!

Having the pendant at nearly 80 years of age makes me feel secure. I’m wobbly on my feet and prone to falls, this provides me peace of mind knowing that help is always available at the push of a button.”

Mrs Jacqueline Pounds – Hungerford – West Berkshire
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“It’s better having it with the way I’ve been feeling, I’ve had two heart attacks recently, and that’s why I got the pendant.

I’m on my own at night, so I keep it on me all the time, it makes you feel safe.”

Mr Rothery – Frizington – Cumbria
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“I’ve only got to tap the button and somebody’s on there straight away.

They are very good, it’s dead easy, I just put it on charge overnight, and it’s ready for the morning. My family are happy that I have the pendant.”

Anonymous – Cromer – Norfolk
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“I find it very convenient when I’m out walking by myself, that’s when I mainly find it useful, when I’m on my own, it proves very useful. Charging is straightforward I’ve got no problems at all with it. 

My family has peace of mind now. Before, when I went out on my own, they were concerned. Now they’re quite happy I’ve got something there as backup.”

Mr Pinfold – Brough – East ridding of Yorkshire
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“Everyone keeps asking where I got the Pendant, I tell them all this one works outside and inside. I can take it shopping, it’s got a tracker to show where I am. 

I’m happy with it, I think its a good idea. It’s easy to use, I charge it at night every night. 

It gives me peace of mind that I’ve got it, it helps me a lot.”

Mrs Aldeworth – Crook – County Durham
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“I always wear my alarm, I wear it round my neck and under my top, I can still get to it to press it, simple as that. Just in case I have a fall, cause you never know, I can press the button wherever I am

My daughter is a nurse, she rings me and checks that I’m wearing my alarm.”

Mrs Stella Parker – Wisbech – Cambridgeshire
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I don’t like wearing it around my neck, I keep it in my pocket or on my belt. But, I wear it all the time, in the house and outside. It gives me confidence, especially when I’m going out. I’ve had a few falls, as I’m wobbly on my legs now. 

My family arranged for me to have it, I’m glad they did.”

Mrs Cooper – Chester – Cheshire
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“It goes with me wherever I go, it’s nice to know I could get help should I need it as I have no living relatives. I worry about falling and being able to get up, especially when in the shower. I do find the strap a bit too long and have set the alarm off accidentally by knocking it. It’s easy to use and I put it on charge every evening.”

Mr John Marshall – Hackney and Newham – London
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“I don’t like wearing it around my neck, so I keep it in my pocket most of the time. When I’m here in the house or out in the garden on my own, I feel more secure. 

I’m pleased with any response, if I inadvertently press the button, I get a response very quickly.”

Mrs Carolyn Couzens – Bicester- Oxfordshire
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Living on my own as I do, I can be extremely vulnerable, but wearing the Pendant means I am in instant contact with the outside world should I need assistance.

It gives me confidence and reassurance. I’m a techno phob and haven’t got a workable mobile, the pendant is easy to use. I have the charger set up next to my bed, when I go to bed at night, I take off my Pendant and stick it in the charger and it’s ready to go the following day.”

Mr Bennett – Coldfields – West midlands
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“When living on your own, it’s hard sometimes, I get really down, but I feel safer with the pendant, it gives me confidence. I know if I press the button, somebodys there. I cant walk far and I have panic attacks, I’ve got a good family and they’re happy I’ve got the alarm, they always check I’m wearing it. I put it on charge, it’s easy, I put it on every night before i go to bed. 

If it helps anyone, get one! It makes you have more confidence, it’s really good to have, it’s worth it.”

Mrs Lidell – Durham – County Durham
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“I’m very pleased with it, I’m glad I found you, rather than some of the others that aren’t sophisticated alarm systems. The thing I find most useful is that it’s active anywhere in the UK and isn’t linked to my internal phone. So it’s more flexible, I’m never in theory out of range. 

And, of course, my lady friend can contact me through the Pendant if there’s an emergency and she doesn’t get an answer on my landline. She can call directly through the alarm and expect me to answer. It means that I know I can contact you if an emergency arises. I wear it all the time, its an insurance, It’s like taking out insurance on your home or car. You keep paying for it and hope you don’t need it.”

Mr Hussey – Carshalton – London
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“I wear my Pendant around my neck, last week I caught the button and the man answered straight away and asked if i was okay. 

I wear it all the time, at night i have it near me on charge, it’s within arms reach.

My kids live far away, theyre happy I have the Pendant between my carers coming in.”

Mrs Evans – Durham – County Durham

Easy to set up and ready to use straight out of the box.

Your GPS Smart Tracker SOS Pendant has been pre-programmed to the 24-hour Monitoring Centre, enabling you to use the service immediately after charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite sure if this is the product for you? Full of questions? Perhaps, we can put your mind at rest with our answers below.

FAQ's Lifeline Personal Alarm
What do I receive when I order a Lifeline Personal Alarm?
Lifeline Personal Alarm
  • GPS Smart Tracker SOS Personal Alarm
  • Lanyard 
  • Wrist Strap
  • Charging station
  • USB cable
  • Three pin plug
  • Instruction manual
How big is the Lifeline Personal Alarm?
Lifeline Alarm Dimensions

The SOS Personal is discreet and lightweight – weight 35 grams. It can be worn as a pendant or with a wrist strap.

Is the Lifeline Personal Alarm waterproof?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm waterproof level is IPX5. It can be worn in the shower or the rain, suitable for use in high-risk areas such as the bathroom. It is not to be submerged directly into water by either taking a bath or swimming.

How to install the Lifeline Personal Alarm?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm uses mobile phone networks to ensure your always connected. The device is ready to use straight from the box. A landline or internet connection is not required.

How long does the Lifeline Personal Alarm battery last?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm has a lithium battery which is rechargeable and cannot be overcharged. A full battery will operate up to 48-72 hours (2-3 days) depending on usage. Our recommendation is to charge the Lifeline Personal Alarm as part of your daily routine, eliminating the risk of the battery becoming flat.

Where and how does my Lifeline Personal Alarm work?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm has a multi-network SIM card which attaches to the strongest available network, unlike a mobile phone that only operates off a single network provider. With the multi-network SIM, you have the added security knowing that if one network is down or an outage occurs, the multi-network SIM automatically connects to the next available network. The Lifeline Personal Alarm also features a microphone and speaker, enabling you to always speak and listen directly through the device, whilst at home, in the garden or when “out and about”.

24-hour Monitoring Service

24-hour Monitoring Service enables the Lifeline Personal Alarm to be used anywhere in the UK and EU countries, always providing you with reassurance when travelling or on holiday.

Family and Friends Monitoring

Family and Friends Monitoring provides cover anywhere in the UK (EU countries not included).

How do I charge the Lifeline Personal Alarm?
  1. Ensure the charging station is plugged into the mains electric.
  2. Insert the Lifeline Personal Alarm into the charging station, ensuring you hear it CLICK into place, vibrate and a red LED light appears on the front of the charging station.
  3. Charge the Lifeline Personal Alarm daily.

From a flat battery the charging time is approximately 4 to 5 hours. It’s recommended that charging is carried out overnight by your bedside, kept within easy reach should an emergency arise.

If the Lifeline Personal Alarm has not been worn daily and has remained in the charging station for 24 hours or more, it MUST be removed from the charging station and re-inserted ensuring you hear it CLICK, vibrate and the red LED light appears on the charging station, for the device to regain a full battery.

NB, when the Lifeline Personal Alarm is fully charged, the red LED light will disappear on the charging station and charging ceases. The SOS Pendant Alarm will now use the charge held in the device and the battery will slowly drain over time, even whilst sat in the charging station. The Lifeline Personal Alarm is unable to automatically re-start the process of charging when the battery is low or empty, when sat in the charging station. It requires the user to remove the device from the charging station and re-insert to start the charging process to obtain a full battery.

What are the blue and green lights flashing on my Lifeline Personal Alarm?

The blue and green lights will flash intermittently indicating the Lifeline Personal Alarm is connected to the mobile network and has battery life.

The blue light flashing every second indicates the battery is below 20% and needs charging by inserting into the charging station. While the device is charging, the blue light will remain solid (not flashing).

Can I wear the SOS Personal if I have a pacemaker?

Yes, the Lifeline Personal Alarm meets the European standards and will not affect your pacemaker working.

When and where should I wear my Lifeline Personal Alarm?

The Lifeline Personal Alarm is designed to wear around the neck with the lanyard cord or by inserting into the wrist strap, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

To ensure your safety and security at all times, it’s recommended you wear the Lifeline Personal Alarm throughout the day. This protects you at home, when showering or “out and about”.

Wear the Personal Alarm from the moment you wake up until the time you retire to bed. By charging the Lifeline Personal Alarm next to your bedside, keeps it within easy reach should you need assistance during the night.

What if I press the Lifeline Personal Alarm by accident?

If you accidently trigger a false alert on your Lifeline Personal Alarm, a notification is automatically sent to either of the below services.

24-hour Monitoring Service

The 24-hour Monitoring Centre will contact you via the Lifeline Personal Alarm to check your wellbeing and requirement for assistance. Advise them it was a false alarm and continue to wear your Lifeline Personal Alarm. 

Family and Friends Monitoring

All 3 chosen Emergency Contacts will receive an SMS text message alerting them to your need of assistance with a link of your current GPS location. Emergency Contact 1 will receive a telephone call from your SOS Pendant Alarm, allowing you to speak through the device directly with them. Should Emergency Contact 1 not answer it will automatically call Emergency Contact 2 and repeat to Emergency Contact 3.

Advise them it was a false alarm.

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