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Sudden adult-onset asthma attack

Case study Last summer, Linda retired to the outskirts of the market town of Horsham. Much of West Sussex remains rural with its small villages, woodlands and narrow country lanes. Over half of West Sussex County is designated and protected countryside. After her move, Linda noticed she had been having difficulties with her breathing. One afternoon, she popped into her local post office, where she had a sudden adult-onset asthma attack. However, Linda had never suffered from asthma before, so she did not have an inhaler to hand. Luckily the staff in the post office came to her...

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Staying warm this winter

The warmth of summer is behind us, winters’ closing in. Darker nights are looming, with temperatures starting to dip, it’s important to keep warm and stay healthy to fight off viruses and infections. You’re at a greater risk of illness during the cold weather if you: Are over 65 years of age Have a disability Suffer a long-term health condition or disease (heart, lung, kidney or liver disease) On a low income or in receipt of benefits  Here are some money-saving ideas for you to consider, that can support you through the winter months with the crippling energy...

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Rape alarm

Our monitored Lifeline Rape Alarm relies on complete discretion where the authorities are alerted to the incident without making the assailant aware. Unbeknown to the attacker the operators in the Monitoring Centre listen closely to the incident via a one way call. This quickly establishes the seriousness of the incident and due to the GPS location on the alarm enables the Monitoring Centre to quickly pinpoint the location of the device using geolocation technology. The operator will then inform the regional police directly rather than going though a 999 system. This ensures the quickest...

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Lifeline alarm

Do you want to feel more confident, safe and secure in your own home? If so, then our Lifeline Personal Alarm is just for you! It will give you the freedom to live independently and provide peace of mind not only to you but also to your loved ones. We provide two options: Lifeline Personal Alarm with a 24 monitoring service Lifeline Personal Alarm with friends and family monitoring With the touch of a button you will have access to either a trained Monitoring Centre 24-hours a day or family and friends monitoring. The trained agents will have immediate access to all your medical...

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Pendant alarm

Are you living with a disability, medical condition or live alone? Perhaps you are nervous when bathing or prone to falls? Then our Lifeline Pendant Alarm is the help you need, when you need it the most! This pendent will help reduce your anxiety and stress levels and enable you to live in your own home independently for longer. Our Lifeline Pendant Alarm include: Monitoring service 24/7 or family and friend monitoring Fully mobile with GPS tracking and works anywhere within the UK Automatic fall detection sensor Built in speaker & microphone which works independently One...

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