Terms & Conditions

We are Pendant Alert Systems Limited, and we trade under the name Lifeline365

The Agreement and these Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales. Using Lifeline365 the User (you) is bound by the following Terms and Conditions. The GPS Smart Tracker SOS Pendant, for the purpose of the following Terms and Conditions will be identified as the SOS Pendant. ALL CALLS MADE TO THE MONITORING CENTRE ARE VOICE RECORDED AND CAN BE REPLAYED FOR TRAINING AND RESOLUTION PURPOSES.

Services for 24-hour monitoring service

Unless any alternative dispute resolution procedure is agreed between the Parties, the Parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales in respect of any dispute which may arise out of or under this Agreement.

The Monitoring Centre will answer all calls and requests from the SOS Pendant 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, providing the User (you) adheres to the Terms set out in the Agreement.

The UK Monitoring Centre is a regulated TSA-TEC, Certified Cat-1 Receiving Centre and will reasonably endeavour to answer 99.99% of all alarm activations within 60 seconds, including automated test calls. In the unlikely event that the

Monitoring Centre is unable to function, alternative arrangements will be put in place as quickly as possible to minimise any delay in answering calls.

The Monitoring Centre when receiving a call for assistance will contact either the dedicated Next of Kin, Doctor or the Emergency Services, as is deemed appropriate to the situation.

When registering a new service, it is the responsibility of the User (you) to ensure all information we require is correct. Failure to provide all such information may lead to the suspension or termination of the account.

The User (you) understands that the purpose of Tele-Care is to support the User (you) in or away from your home, reducing the risks of independent living, however it cannot eliminate risks completely. Reasonable care will be taken to ensure that all alerts are handled correctly. Sensors do occasionally give false alerts and may fail to respond to a valid event: It is important to test the alarm regularly.

The facility of the SOS Pendant is intended for use only in situations where the User (you) requires immediate assistance.

The User (you) is responsible for all activities which occur on the account and should the User (you) suspect a security breach with the SOS Pendant, the User (you) must inform Lifeline365 immediately.

Payment subscriptions for both 24-hour monitoring service and family and friends monitoring

The User (you) will be liable for any costs Lifeline365 incur due to the User (you) failing to make the correct payment on the payment due date or providing incorrect bank account details. A fee of £10 will be charged for each failed payment plus any further administration costs Lifeline365 incur. Should the User (you) experience difficulties in making payments, please contact Lifeline365 on 0800 246 5520.

Should the User (you) fail to submit the correct payment on the payment due date, unless previously agreed, Lifeline365 reserve the right to suspend or cancel the service.

Any changes to your chosen subscription fee, Lifeline365 will provide written notice to the User (you), within 30 days of such notice taking change.

VAT exemption: Refers to the government tax relief scheme that allows people with a disability or long-term medical condition to pay for an emergency alarm call system without paying VAT.

Activating the pendant & understanding how the service works

The SOS Pendant requires activation by the User (you). This will be by means of an introductory telephone call with full instructions on how to use the service. Our Customer service team will contact you upon delivery of the pendant to carry this out with you (User).

It is the responsibility of the User (you) to ensure the battery unit is always kept fully charged.

The User (you) undertakes to test the SOS Pendant at least once a month by pressing the SOS button and to inform the Monitoring Centre or Lifeline365 of any problems with the equipment as soon as possible.

For customers on 24-hour Monitoring Service the User (you) will provide Lifeline365 with up to date details of all nominated contacts/keyholders, in order that the Monitoring Centre are able to contact them, either prior to or in the event of an alarm activation.

Lifeline365 cannot be held responsible for failure of the service due to circumstances beyond their control, e.g. calls not received subject to tampering with said equipment, disconnection or rewiring, failure to charge the battery, failure to test the SOS Pendant or incorrect use of the SOS Pendant. However, where the failure of service is due to Lifeline365, a new SOS Pendant will be supplied to the User (you).  

Access to the home in an emergency for 24-hour monitoring service

The User (you) agrees to provide Lifeline365 with up to date details of all nominated contacts/keyholders in order to gain access to the property of the User (you) in the event of an emergency and where the User (you) is unable to open the door. Updated details to include, change of nominated contacts/keyholders, change of phone number, change of address and pending holiday dates.

If in the event the Monitoring Centre are unable to contact either the User (you) or the nominated contacts/keyholders, they may call the Emergency Services to facilitate a forced entry in such circumstances, therefore, it is important that the User (you) understands and accepts that the liability for securing the property and any associated repair costs, are the responsibility of the User (you).    

Cancellations and returns

Should you choose to cancel the Service, the User (you) agrees to notify Lifeline365 immediately.


Should the User (you) require a replacement SOS Pendant or any components, arising from theft, loss or damage, additional fees will be charged at: SOS Pendant – £139.99, Charging Unit (complete) – £20, Rubber Wrist Strap – £10, Lanyard Strap – £5. 

Personal information and privacy

Personal information provided by the User (you) is subject to the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR 2018. Certain personal information is required to enable the provision of the service and will be entered into both Lifeline365 and the UK Monitoring Centre database. Clients’ personal information is held securely in the strictest confidence to assure privacy. GPS tracking information and personal information is used for the provision of the service we provide. Certain information gained by Lifeline365 and the UK Monitoring Centre may be shared with other trusted agencies where necessary to deliver the service to which you have agreed.


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