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We’ve got some tips to Fall proof your surroundings.

Your home is your safe haven, as we are all getting older, many contributing hazards could increase the risk of a fall. Time to put some safety measures in place to remain living independently. Follow our fall prevention ideas and tips to help improve your safety in the home. Remove trip hazards from floors/hallways/staircases. Ensure there are no trailing wires. No wrinkled or frayed carpets. Arrange furniture for easy navigation. Sufficient lighting in all rooms – For that midnight trip to the bathroom, install night lights in the bedroom and hallway. Use...

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Fall alarm for the elderly

Falls are a major cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people, and lead many moving from home into residential care. Currently, roughly 1 in 3 adults over 65 will have a fall and over half of people will have a fall over 80. Falls can be particularly serious for older people and this worry could result in a loss of confidence and independence. We at Lifeline365 are passionate about providing a fall alarm for the elderly to help keep you living independently as long as possible while feeling secure that you have a safety net if you do have a fall. The Lifeline personal Pendant...

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